Business plan

The secret of all successful entrepreneurs

Developing an original and novel idea encourages your brain to become more creative. To learn from your failures and improve.

The solution to boost your business

Virtual office

The solution to boost your business

The advantage of the virtual office is that it can enhance your business. This opportunity offers a better image as well as a better service to customers at a minimum cost. The provider helps you become an entrepreneur.

The advantage of the virtual office is that it allows you to work remotely. Thanks to virtual workstations, employees have greater flexibility and autonomy.

Innovative company

Business ideas that work!

Beauty and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness

Wellness centres are fun, therapeutic, equipped with spas, saunas, etc.

Health and nutrition

Health and nutrition

Personalised nutrition is an innovative market with huge potential. Anticipate trends to succeed.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing

Thanks to digital marketing, build customer loyalty and satisfaction by developing a great relationship with them.

Carry out your business projects

Project from A to Z

Stages in setting up a business

The centre for business formalities is a one-stop shop considered to be a privileged interlocutor for simplifying the formalities of setting up a business. These service providers centralise the documents in your file and forward them to the relevant organisations. The steps involved in setting up a commercial company include the completion of legal and administrative formalities.



Stages in setting up a business

Quotes and invoices

Step-by-step business management

Inventory Management

The purpose of stock management is to respond to different operations.

Managing stocks makes it possible to know what to buy, when and in what quantity. It helps to avoid stock-outs and over-stocking.

Customer management

CRM or customer relationship management manages interactions with consumers.

Successful customer management requires you to personalise interactions, ensure brand consistency, know your customers and deliver value.

People management

Every company needs to assess its business and its needs to better manage its people.

Personnel management includes recruitment, staff appraisal, remuneration, conducting annual interviews, GPEC or forward-looking management of jobs and skills.


Social selling

Becoming an entrepreneur in e-commerce

The autoentrepreneur is a status that allows you to start out in online services or the sale of goods. E-commerce includes endless possibilities. You can sell clothes, groceries, accessories, etc. online.

To develop an e-commerce site, you need to choose the most suitable CMS, design a good catalogue of services or products, be transparent about prices, offer secure payment methods…